3D Printed Jewelry

The Form 2 is a powerful tool for jewelers, artists, and designers. Quickly prototype new designs and rapidly produce large batches of ready-to-cast parts.

Jewelry with the Form 2

Get Casting Faster

Print castable parts in hours for less than the cost of a single piece of carving wax. This process allows you to skip rubber molding and patternmaking; move from print directly to burnout and casting.

Form 2’s rapid and repeatable print process allows you to quickly build inventory of popular designs. Print up to 100 rings a day, and move directly into production. By following our verified casting process or working with one of our recommended casting houses, our castable resin can create everything from crisp micro prongs to smooth surfaces, reducing post casting rework.

The Desktop Advantage

For over a decade, 3D printing has allowed large luxury brands and independent jewelers to efficiently manufacture collections while lowering the cost of customized jewelry. With the Form 2, industrial 3D printing can take place right on your workbench, at an incredibly affordable price.

With desktop production, your designs and intellectual property remain in-house and free from unauthorized copy or reproduction.


Service Bureau

Form 2

Industrial SLA

Turn Around Time 1-2 weeks, longer during peak holiday season hours < 24hrs
Ring Printer Cost N/A $3499 $60K – $300K
Print Cost VS. Form 2 500x 1x 2.5x
Long Term Costs N/A free one-year warranty mandatory service contract ($15k)
Accessibility external, third party internal, desktop, anyone can use internal, workshop, run by a technician, often projects will be billed for use

Based on pricing data surveyed 12/2015

Improved Client Experience

For commissioned jewelry, create a “fitting ring” to create excitement and deliver peace of mind to your clients. For less than $0.15 you can quickly print an inexpensive “try on” piece. This creates a consultative experience that will allow you to verify fit and delight your buyer.

Add 3D Printing to Your Studio

Interested in trying our material? Request a castable sample and see how easy it is to add 3D printing to your production workflow.

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Jewelry Resources

Castable Resin

Castable Resin burns out cleanly without ash or residue and captures crisp, precise detail and smooth surfaces. Jewelers and designers can go straight from a 3D design to a model for direct investment.

See Castable Resin

Tip Sheet: Selling Custom Jewelry

Learn how high resolution stereolithography (SLA) 3D printers can help you sell 3D printed jewelry design to clients.

Learn How to Sell Custom Jewelry

Form 2 High-Resolution 3D Printing

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  • Produce custom designs ready for direct casting right in your studio.
  • Print “try on” models for clients to verify fit and style to help close more sales.
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  • Our Castable Resin is designed to capture fine details like prongs and filigree.
  • Test our material easily by following our casting guide.
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