3D Printing for Digital Manufacturing


Seamlessly Transition From Prototype to Production

The small footprint and simple setup of the Form 2 3D printer make digital manufacturing more accessible than ever before. Directly print final parts, or streamline your production line with 3D printed tools, molds, jigs, and fixtures.

Making Manufacturing More Agile At:

Custom Jigs & Fixtures

With 3D printing, design doesn't have to end when production begins. Continuously improve products and respond quickly and effectively to issues on your manufacturing line with jigs and fixtures that improve assembly or QA processes.

Watch the video: Every circuit board in Rest Devices’ products is programmed in-house using jigs and fixtures printed on the Form 2.

Bridge Production

Produce parts in-house for testers and developers before committing to tooling for mass production. Direct 3D printing and moldmaking with the Form 2 make small production runs from the hundreds to low thousands efficient and economical.

Direct printing thousands of enclosures enabled Enflux to produce over a hundred motion capture suits for their developer kits in house.

High Fidelity Prototyping

High fidelity, functional prototypes speed up communication and eliminate confusion by allowing manufacturers to reference a dimensionally accurate physical object.

Read the article: Paralenz used the Form 2 to create astonishing prototypes of underwater cameras for undersea testing at 500 ft (150m), and to simplify communication with manufacturers by showing how the final parts should look, work, and fit together.

Mass Customization

Professional desktop stereolithography 3D printing makes mass customization more accessible than ever. Create unique products tailored to individual customers by supplementing your existing manufacturing line, or directly print small runs in-house.

Watch the video: Handsmith Inc. produces highly capable custom prostheses using Formlabs printers, for an initial capital investment of less than $50,000.

Resources for Manufacturing and Production

Explore how 3D printing can transform your manufacturing workflow and help you bring better products to market with these free white papers, guides, and resources from Formlabs.

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