High-Definition Sculpting with ZBrush

Formlabs and Pixologic bring 3D designs to life.


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Model Making & Entertainment with the Form 2

Star Wars. Game of Thrones. Call of Duty. Final Fantasy. ZBrush is the life force behind blockbuster films and epic video games. Digital artists use it to sculpt hyper-realistic characters and special effects. Beyond character modeling, ZBrush’s powerful tools are gaining popularity in the jewelry industry, allowing designers to digitally carve their designs. Now, Pixologic and Formlabs have teamed up to streamline the 3D printing pipeline by transferring designs directly from ZBrush to PreForm software.

Powerful Tools, Better Together

For over a decade, ZBrush has given artists the freedom to push the limits of digital modeling. Until now, the power to bring concepts beyond the computer screen has trailed behind 3D printing technology, limited to room-filling industrial 3D printers. By innovating in desktop stereolithography (SLA), Formlabs has built an ideal printer for the ZBrush user. The Form 2 delivers incredible detail and seamless performance at an affordable price point. Joining these two tools complements the strengths of both, creating a powerful workflow for creative expression.

Charlize Theron sculpted in ZBrush (left) and printed (right), modeled by Mohamed Alaa.

Print 3D Models with One Click

In spring of 2016, ZBrush will feature a 3D printing bridge, allowing you to move your designs directly to PreForm in a single click. To save time, PreForm automatically adds supports, scales the part, and generates a layout. Because the Form 2 is connected to WiFi, designs can be sent wirelessly to the printer, while text notifications through the Dashboard keep you updated. The streamlined process allows sculptors and designers to spend more time creating and less time printing, with incredible results.

ZBrush provides sculptors with an unparalleled toolbox of digital brushes and effects. The output is stunning. Concept by Tianhua Xu. Sculpt by Blake Sullivan. Model by Robert Vignone.

Evolve Your Creative Process

When artists turn their designs into 3D models, they open up new opportunities to impact their professional work. Now, concept meetings with directors can center around physical objects instead of flat renders. Physical models help designers communicate with clients for custom toys, intricate jewelry, and high-fidelity prototypes. Producing models with desktop 3D printing keeps production in-house, giving you greater control while saving time and money. Formlabs parts have starred in stop-motion films, bespoke costumes, and even blockbuster special effects (as seen in Interstellar, Ant Man, and more). Together, ZBrush and Formlabs push your work to the next level of detail.

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One-Click 3D Printing for Digital Sculptors

Join Formlabs and Pixologic for a webinar about a new ZBrush plugin that will make 3D printing digital sculpts on the Form 2 a one-click process. Register below to learn how to leverage these two tools for powerful creative expression.

Form 2 High-Resolution 3D Printing

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