Formlabs Automation Ecosystem

Formlabs is excited to introduce Form Auto, Fleet Control, and High Volume Resin System — three new products that together make up the Formlabs Automation Ecosystem. These three products enable high-productivity 3D printing at scale, reduce cost per part, and improve users’ experience managing multiple desktop stereolithography (SLA) printers.


Formlabs automation ecosystem form auto form fleet

Maximize the Throughput of Your 3D Printer Fleet

The Formlabs Automation Ecosystem lets you significantly reduce the amount of labor needed to create each part. By printing, removing parts, and starting the next print autonomously, production doesn’t have to stop when you leave work. With Form Auto, batch post-process a bin full of parts at once in minutes.

Form Auto

Automation Hardware for Your Form 3/B/+ 3D Printers

Form Auto attaches to any Form 3/B/+ printer, and by using the patented Quick-Release Technology of the Build Platform 2, removes parts from the printer, detaches them from the platform, and deposits them in a holding bin, ready for the Form Wash. The platform is automatically reinstalled and the next print is primed and ready to go, with no user interaction required. The releasing action is recorded by an onboard camera, so that users can continuously monitor their production from the next room, a different building, or from another location entirely.

Fleet Control

Advanced Printer Management Software

Fleet Control simplifies management and oversight of your fleet of Form 3 Generation printers by identifying which printer is most suitable for each print job and by creating a continuously moving queue across all printers. With the Fleet Control extension in Dashboard, users can view and edit the queue for the Printer Group, as well as duplicate or reprint jobs without having to reopen PreForm.

High Volume Resin System

Hassle-Free Materials Management

High Volume Resin System ensures that printers will never run out of material while operators are away from the job. Fleet Control and Dashboard features will alert operators when consumables are close to needing a refill, so that changing resins can always be taken care of before leaving for the night. The High Volume Resin System packs five liters of material into one vessel, enabling multiple print jobs and days of productivity without changeover, complimented by a Resin Pump to ensure quick and efficient dispensing.

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